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Lisa Broderick, President of the E Club invites you to join her on line Tuesday evening at 6:30pm Pacific time.
We will be using Zoom meeting to connect.
For non-members and visitors interested in joining a meeting, please email (at least 24 hours in advance) contact@rotaryeclubofworldpeace.org to receive the meeting link.

Agenda for On Line Meeting 2022

6:30 PM PDT

  1. Welcome from President Lisa Broderick and call to order
  2. Roll call and Introductions
  3. Current Announcements and News
  4. Program
  5. Comments and Questions

4 October 2022

Ryan Knight, Peace Corps in the Ukraine

Ryan Knight is a Program Officer at the National Endowment for Democracy where he supports civil society in Moldova and Ukraine. He received a BA in Peace Studies and International Studies from Whitworth University and an MA in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University. Ryan served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine from 2013 to 2014, before being evacuated during the Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity. In 2015 he returned to Ukraine to complete his service. As part of his graduate studies, Ryan also studied Ukrainian at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. Ryan is from Eureka, California and a former member of Lost Coast Rotaract . He lives in Washington, DC where enjoys cycling, running, and gardening.

For Peace Corps Response Volunteer Ryan Knight, not returning to Ukraine after evacuation was never an option. So he deferred grad school last year and returned to his beloved village of Sasovo. There he became the best kind of volunteer: humble, dedicated and a friend to all. He taught extra classes, organized many teacher seminars, cleaned up a local Jewish cemetery, organized several camps, and started many clubs: yoga, running, and film, among others. He motivated students to start an on-going village cleanup project, and they gained tremendous support. Ryan may have left his village, but a piece of his heart will always remain. Ryan’s next step is to start a Master’s program in Conflict Resolution at Georgetown this fall.

11 October 2022

Shaison Ouseph, “Face of the Faceless”

Shaison P. Ouseph, Director, Producer, Entrepreneur

Dr. Shaison P. Ouseph is an internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker, speaker and positive change agent based in Mumbai, India. He has been recognized for his compassionate and humanist voice, emphasizing the potential of the human spirit, focus on universal intrinsic needs, environmental awareness, and solving global issues through art and communication.

Among the esteemed organizations that have bestowed awards and certificates on Dr. Shaison for his work on social issues and media are the United Nations, the US Embassy, International Labour Organization, and International Independent Film Awards. His association with international organizations such as International Human Rights Consortium, Habitat for Humanity, Seeds of Peace, and the Life Story Library Foundation are milestone accomplishments of his career.

Dr. Shaison is one of the directors at ‘Matrix of Learning’ in the United States and has been featured in many national and international magazines, radio and video programs. His upcoming feature film, “The Face of the Faceless,” is the true story of a Catholic nun who was murdered for empowering the tribal women and children in the remotest villages in India. 

Recently, Shaison received the prestigious “World Peace Award 2022” from the World Peace Award Convention at Stockholm, Sweden. Currently, Shaison serves as an Associate Dean and the Head of Department for Film & Television at XIC, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, and teaches filmmaking and communication skills around the world. 

18 October 2022

Club Assembly – Fireside Chat

25 October 2022

John Nanni, Rotary Polio Eradication Initiative

1 November 2022

Kurt Krueger, Peacemaker is a Verb

The following are the ‘roles’, Kurt Krueger  has played, it is NOT who he is. He lives on and cares for the unceded  land of the Humans called Tongvé, about 20 miles N. of Los Angeles CA. Is a global citizen serving a regenerative society and life on our planet; he is one of the founders of the Peace Lab AND The PeaceMakers Circles/Network. 

Since the 1970s, he has led programs on 5 continents for elite athletes/coaches, corporations, and educational institutions in Peak Performance Practices, Stress/Trauma Release, Character Inclusion, and PeaceMaking.

Kurt founded the Institute of Sports Psychology, AND Success Systems International in the early 1980’s.  He taught in the ghettos of Los Angeles for 40+ years, and was on a hijacked airplane, which all led to offering stress management programs at the UN and Oxford U. Medical School. Kurt is listed in Who’s Who in America/Educators. He’s helped present or promote World Unity and Peace Weeks, the Pachamama.org Alliance/Drawdown, Vegan World 2026, and Character Inclusion programs. He has written the Best-Selling series, Winning Ways for Living, produced numerous Peace Lab programs for the Humanity Rising: Global Solutions Summit (they’ve done over 530 in two years); and the Inspirit of the culturally transformative annual event, the World Fest. He’s available for all media interviews.

‘We don’t address their brains; we address their hearts.’ ~ Nelson Mandela

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