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David Wick, President of the E Club invites you to join him on line Tuesday evening at 6:30pm Pacific time.
We will be using Zoom meeting to connect.
For non-members and visitors interested in joining a meeting, please email (at least 24 hours in advance) contact@rotaryeclubofworldpeace.org to receive the meeting link.

Agenda for On Line Meeting 2021

24 May 2022

6:30 PM PDT

  1. Welcome from President David Wick and call to order
  2. Roll call and Introductions
  3. Current Announcements and News
  4. Program
  5. Comments and Questions

24 May 2022

Dr. David Orme Johnson, Transcendental Meditation

Dr. David Orme Johnson is one of the first and most prolific researchers on the Transcendental Meditation technique, with over 100 scientific papers in the field. He was the first researcher to provide scientific evidence that meditation of any kind could alter how we react physiologically to stress.1 He was the first to do research on meditation of any kind in prisons, showing that TM increases autonomic stability.2 He was also lead author on the first study to show that the EEG signature of the Transcendental Meditation technique (alpha1 coherence) was correlated with creativity, intelligence and higher states of consciousness.3

Dr. Orme-Johnson is one of the principal researchers on diffusing stress and improving the quality of life in the larger society through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM- Sidhi techniques. He co-authored the first paper on this approach published in a peer-reviewed journal, and has since published 23 research and review papers on it. He and co-authors were the first to show that group practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program can reduce war and terrorism regionally and worldwide,4,5 including papers published in the prestigious Journal of Conflict Resolution.6,7

1. D. W. Orme-Johnson. “Autonomic stability and Transcendental Meditation.” Psychosomatic Medicine 35 (1973): 341-349.
2. D. W. Orme-Johnson, Moore R. M. “First prison study using the Transcendental Meditation program: La Tuna Federal Penitentiary.” Journal of Offender Rehabilitation 36 (2003): 89-96.
3. D. W. Orme-Johnson, Haynes C. T. “EEG phase coherence, pure consciousness, creativity and TM-Sidhi experiences.” International Journal of Neuroscience 13 (1981): 211-217.
4. D. W. Orme-Johnson, Dillbeck M. C., Bousquet J. G., Alexander C. N. “The World Peace Project of 1978: An experimental analysis of the application of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field in major world trouble spots: Increased harmony in international affairs.” In Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program: Collected papers, Vol. 4 Vlodrop, edited by Chalmers RA, Clements G, Schenkluhn H, Weinless M, 2532-2548. The Netherlands: Maharishi Vedic University Press, 1989.
5. D. W. Orme-Johnson, Dillbeck M. C., Alexander C. N. “Preventing terrorism and international conflict: Effects of large assemblies of participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs.” Journal of Offender Rehabilitation 36 (2003): 283-302.
6. D. W. Orme-Johnson, Alexander C. N., Davies J. L., et al. “International Peace Project: The Effects of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 32, no. 4 (1988): 776-812.
7. D. W. Orme-Johnson, Alexander C. N., Davies J. L. “The effects of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field: Reply to a methodological critique.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 34 (1990): 756–768.

For a complete list of Dr. Orme-Johnson’s publications, as well as about research reviews and issues on TM, see Works below, and his website: www.TruthAboutTM.org. For a recent review of research on the Transcendental Meditation technique, see Dr. Orme-Johnson’s chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Meditation

Orme-Johnson, D. W. (2021). Transcendental Meditation in the Treatment of Mental and Physical Conditions. In M. Farias, D. Brazier, & M. Lalljee (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Meditation. Oxford University Press. https://doi.org/10.1093/oxfordhb/9780198808640.001.0001.

For an overview of the research on collective consciousness, see Orme-Johnson, D. W., & Fergusson, L. (2018). Global impact of the Maharishi Effect from 1974 to 2017: Theory and Research. Journal of Maharishi Vedic Research Institute, 8, 13-76. http://www.patriziotressoldi.it/cmssimpled/uploads/images/MaharishiEffect_Review18.pdf

31 May 2022

Dr. Renee Mehrra, Raising Peaceful Kids for a Peaceful World

An unwavering community activist, and a tenacious broadcaster with a burning passion for accurate and compelling storytelling, Dr. Renee Mehrra has been consistently singled out in the Asian Indian community as one of the most prominent broadcast journalists in the tri-state area.

Her signature show- “Renee Report” has delivered top-notch quality content to its audience in an informational and entertaining style for several years. Dr. Renee Mehrra is the President of Reenbow Media LLC, an advertising, broadcasting, and public relations company in the US. She served as the President of the Indo-American Press Club in 2018. She is an ambassador of yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation, and her active engagement in complementary and integrative medicine has helped to create an exponential awareness in the public on health management and disease prevention, especially in minority communities.

Besides her calling as a broadcast journalist, community activism has always been her passion. Dr. Renee Mehrra has been an indefatigable advocate for the South Asian community, and a civic and community educator who has dedicated herself to addressing the needs of the immigrant communities of the tri-state area through the platform of television, and social media.

She has fostered and built positive working relationships with media partners, community leaders, civic organizations, and politicians and has received many awards from appreciative immigrant and social justice partners. She was honored by the Consulate General of India in NY for her leadership, media, and community service on the momentous occasion of Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas 2020.

Dr. Mehrra was the first South Asian woman to run for New York City Council twice to help make a tangible difference in the lives of New Yorkers. She was appointed by Mayor Bloomberg to serve as one of the commissioners on the New York City Commission on Human Rights from 2009 to 2013.
Dr. Mehrra served on the Board of Directors of the Parliament of the World’s Religions from 2019 to April 2021. She is the Vice President of the United Nations Staff Recreational Council(UNSRC) Science of Spirituality Club that holds regular talks and workshops on the benefits of meditation at the United Nations.

7 June 2022

Gary Malkin, Acclaimed Musician and Producer

Born and raised in New York, Gary Remal Malkin has been playing the piano since the age of four, composing since twelve, and producing and composing professionally since 1978. During high school, he studied composition and drama at the Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan and went on to study piano and composition at USC and the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. In addition, Malkin did post-graduate work at San Francisco State University, studied jazz arranging and orchestration with Dick Grove and attended the renowned Ali Akbar College in Northern California, focusing on his interest in ethno- musicology under the tutelage of Ali Akbar Khan.

Gary was the arts curator for the highly successful April 23, 2022 Rotary fundraising concert The Heart of Peace: Unifying Our World Through Music. He is an Emmy award-winning composer, performer, and public speaker whose work redefines the role of music as a transformational resource to integrate compassion and unity into the fabric of our lives. He has worked with many of the world’s most leading thought leaders, including Deepak Chopra, Bob Proctor, Marianne Williamson, and Desmond Tutu, among many others. Through his life-affirming company, WisdomoftheWorld.com, he creates aesthetic ways to face life transitions with more gratitude and Grace.

For the last forty years, Gary has been creating music for all forms of media including, most recently,  Netflix’s new production of the long-running television series, Unsolved Mysteries and the groundbreaking documentaries, Thrive, which have been seen by nearly 100 million people in 28 languages. Frequently featured on global webinars and interviews internationally, Gary provides humanizing musical solutions for many of the challenges facing our world today.

Gary is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Wisdom of the World Wellness, is an Emmy award-winning composer, public speaker, and music and health innovator who champions the power of music to promote health, wellness, and compassion. He is redefining the role of music in life’s challenging transitions at the individual and institutional levels.

During his many years as a nationally known composer and producer for film, television, and commercials, Gary received seven ASCAP Film and TV awards for such shows as the iconic Unsolved Mysteries TV series. Since then, through is company, Wisdom of the World Wellness, he has focused on developing music and related resources that serve 4 goals: easing the dying process, enhancing bonding with newborns, alleviating stress for healthcare providers, and deepening heart-centered mindfulness.

Gary is best known for the acclaimed classic, Graceful Passages, co-created with the award-winning team Michael and Doris Stillwater. Considered the finest work of its kind, it has touched nearly a million people by offering support during the many phases of loss. Awarded the 2005 Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Award for their contribution to the field, Gary and Michael went on to develop the Care for the Journey programs, widely used by hospitals to alleviate care providers’ stress. Since producing WisdomFilms, an innovative contemplative series on Gaia TV, Gary has been working with Aesthetic Audio Systems to reduce stress for healthcare providers via a new platform called Rejuvenation Station Go™. With Lisa Rafel and David Surrenda, Ph.D., Gary co-authored the award-winning resource, Safe in the Arms of Love, which supports bonding between parents and newborns. Safe is also the foundation of a Broadway musical that is slated to debut in 2022.

Gary’s “keynote performances” have been warmly received at Google, Stanford Health, Houston Methodist Hospital, The National Organization of Arts and Health, and others. He is a frequent guest on global webinars by such organizations as the Global Institute for Evolving Women and The Shift Network. He has also served as Artistic Director for conferences hosted by the Global Philanthropy Forum, Attitudinal Healing International, the Institute for Noetic Sciences, the European Transformational Teachers Gathering, and other groups.

Gary received a Hollywood Music in Media Award as the composer for Thrive, one of the most widely viewed documentaries in history. He’s currently creating the sequel’s soundtrack, to be released in Fall 2020.

With acclaimed author and TEDx speaker, Clint G. Rogers, Ph.D. as CEO, Gary founded Wisdom of the World Wellness to harness the transformative power of music to enrich and empower every stage of life.

14 June 2022

Jonathan Granoff, Human Security: Its Time Has Come

Jonathan Granoff, President Global Security Institute, Representative to United Nations of the World Summits of Nobel Peace Laureates, former Adjunct Professor International Law Widener University School of Law, Senior Advisor Committee on National Security American Bar Association International Law Section. Governing and advisory boards include: Middle Powers Initiative, Jane Goodall Institute, Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy, and Nonpartisan Security Group. Trustee and Fellow of World Academy of Art and Science. Expert testimony before the US Congress and Parliaments of the UK and Canada and United Nations Secretary General’s Disarmament Advisory Board. More than 100 publications. 

He has received numerous awards, including, Rutgers University Law School 2009 Arthur E. Armitage, Sr. Distinguished Alumni Award; Gwynedd-Mercy College 2006 Distinguished Service Award; American Bar Association Section of International Law Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020; International Film & TV Festival of New York1990 Silver Medal for Our Constitution: The Document that Created a Nation. Nobel Peace Prize Nominee for 2014. Vassar College, BA Cum Laude, 1970; Rutgers University School of Law, JD, 1976.

21 June 2022

Sheva Carr and Robert Browning, Empowering Peace

Sheva Carr is the architect and Director of HeartMath’s HeartMastery Program, the CEO of Fyera! / Heart Ambassadors, and the founding Executive Director of the Fyera Foundation and Sunflower SunPower Kids. She is honored to be a Pathways To Peace (PTP) Director and Representative to the United Nations. She is featured as a “love luminary” in Marci Schimoff’s New York Times bestselling book Love for No Rea-son. As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and HeartMath trainer, she has authored several books of her own (most recently Being the Source of Love). Through her alliance with Creativity for Peace Sheva helps to bring young Israeli and Palestinian woman together in retreat settings and through social media. These women have become fast friends and global peace builders, living by the motto “An enemy is a friend who’s story you have yet to hear.” She has developed diverse programs around the world, including ones benefiting street children in Nicaragua and secret schools for women and girls in Afghanistan. Sheva speaks to people all over the world on how to access heart intelligence and inner peace, in order to receive the benefits of the heart’s impact on consciousness, health, performance, creativity, and social change, to create cultures of personal and global peace. She also has trained government agencies and soldiers preparing for deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sheva did her undergraduate work in fine arts, cross cultural international studies, Spanish, and pre-med at Carnegie Mellon Universty, Yale, Friends World College, and Dalhousie University. She received experiential credits for her work in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Holland, England, and Canada. Her Masters Degree is in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University. Sheva has trained and coached hospital staff across the US, and founded the first HeartMath hospital patient education program at Earl Bakken’s Heart-Brain Institute in North Hawaii. She co-authored HeartMath’s Stopping Emotional Eating Program with Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman and was the coach and manager of the participants involved in the study done on that program. Previously on the Faculty of Alternative Medicine at University of Minnesota, and a professor of Oriental Medicine at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica CA, she has worked as a coach and consultant to leading cardiologists, heart-brain researchers, and physicists, and has been published in such prestigious journals as Perspectives in Biology and Medicine Where healing and performing arts meet, she has also come full circle, as a consultant to cutting edge creators of culture in the film, television, and music industries. With over 30 years of experience in fine arts and over 20 years of experience in acupuncture, herbal medicine, polarity therapy, birthing assistance, coaching, and stress management research and training, at heart, she is always a beginner learning new, and always willing to witness impossible good made real through the power of the heart.

Robert Browning, PhD (h.c.) is Co-Director for HeartMath Healthcare and a Senior Master Trainer. For over 20 years with HeartMath, he’s trained more than 10,000 individuals in heart-based living and leads programs at: Stanford, U.C.L.A., Brigham & Women’s and Kaiser Permanente. He oversees HeartMath’s strategic healthcare alliances focused on self-care, human caring and wholeness healing. In April, 2015, Robert received an Honorary Doctorate in Human Caring and Caring Science from Dr. Jean Watson, Founder and Director, Watson Caring Science Institute and Dean Emerita-University of Colorado, Denver, College of Nursing. It was given “to honor devotion to the betterment of humankind through human caring – heart centered teachings and practices.”

He holds a faculty position with the Esalen Institute and Watson Caring Science Institute and adjunct faculty with the University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus, College of Nursing. He currently serves as a Co-Vice President of Pathways To Peace, a non-profit Peacebuilding & Consulting organization with United Nations with Consultative Status (ECOSOC: United Nations Economic and Social Council), and is a UN-designated Peace Messenger Organization. Robert graduated from U.C.L.A., Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in Communications, and achieved Eagle Scout in 1991. His passion and 20 year focused inquiry on the power of the heart, care and healing has informed the depth of his work, practice and message. Robert lives with his wife, Sheva Carr, and orange tabby, Gingee, in the Boulder Creek, CA Redwood Mountains.

28 June 2022

David Wick and Lisa Broderick, Evolution of Rotary E-club of World Peace

5 July 2022

12 July 2022

19 July 2022

District Governor Don Casper, Official Club Visit

Don started his Rotary journey in April 2014 with the Rotary Club of Indio, CA.  In his time there, he led the club as President in 2017-18, served as the Public Relations Chair for six years, as well as the Membership Chair for one year. Don has spearheaded or assisted with many project committees with the club, including chairing the club’s signature event – the Coachella Valley Middle School Math Field Day.

For District 5330, Don helped the district by chairing a Fast Pitch Competition in September 2018, as well as the District Conference in 2019. He also served on the committee that staged an outdoor Holiday Fiesta for the Coachella Valley in December 2018. In Rotary year 2019-20, Don was co-chair of the District’s Foundation Gala and served as the District’s Vocational Services Chair.  He was an Assistant Governor during 2020-21. Don is a Paul Harris Society Member and a Major Donor. He is also a graduate of the Rotary Leadership Institute in District 5330.

A native of Peoria, IL, Don received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Administration from Bradley University. Professionally, he spent ten years in live entertainment and arena facility management, before changing careers to casino marketing. The last 30 years, Don has worked at five different casino properties in four states, including the last 14 years as Vice President of Marketing at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, CA. Don and his bride, Veronica, reside in Bermuda Dunes and share three grown children.

26 July 2022

Matthew Smith, Rotary District 5330 Youth Protection Officer

In January 2012, Matthew found his passion of Rotary when he joined The Temecula Valley New Generations Rotary Club. Since joining the club he has held many positions. From Foundation Chair, Club Trainer, Club Administrator and in 2016 we was President. Not only involved at the club level Matthew has also served 2 terms as Assistant Governor ( 2020-21 and 2021-22) and for the past 6 years holds the Youth Protection Officer position for District 5330 and led the Vocational Training Team to Brazil in 2018.

Matthew loves the International services side of Rotary and has attended several projects in Mexico and Nicaragua that his club has participated in. Matthew has also attended 5 Rotary International Conferences. He has even tattooed his body with the Rotary wheel and the flags of countries he visited on behalf of Rotary (Nicaragua, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Canada and the US).

In his spare time Matthew volunteers with several other organizations in the Temecula Valley. He also enjoys going to church, camping, going to the desert, going to the river,  and spending time with family and friends.

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