Welcome to the Rotary E-Club of World Peace

Julie Boswell

At the start of this new Rotary Year we embark on a new journey together. The new President of Rotary International, Gordon McInally has chosen as his theme a vision which urges us to work together to Create Hope in the World.  Our focus this year is creating hope in the world.

Creating hope in the world is a tall order.  But that’s what Rotary does—that is what members of the Rotary Family do—we work to create hope in the world, whether it is providing mental health information to teens at RYLA to providing help for Ukrainian refugees, delivering two drops of polio vaccine, or delivering first-class peace education through our Peace Centers, we create hope in the world.  This club focuses on building peace.  Our peacebuilding lays fertile ground for hope.  As President Gordon notes “Peace is the soil where hope takes root.” 

President Gordon has chosen as his theme this phrase that reminds us to create more hope in the world, to, to do it intentionally, to do it always.  That is why I’m so glad you are here.  There is much to be done to create hope in the world.  Welcome!!  Let’s get started.


Every single day we make hundreds and hundreds of decisions. Most of these are automatic based on our learned behaviors.

In dealing with our family members, our friends, persons we meet on the street or in the grocery store, our associates at work are we truly treating them as fairly and ethically as they deserve?   The next time you make a decision, we ask you to use the Four Way Test to challenge yourself to make the best and responsible choice.

Live a life “Doing the Right Thing”!