12 February 2019

Lisa Broderick, Police2Peace

5 February 2019

Michael Nagler & Stephanie Van Horn, Metta Center


29  January 2019

Rudy Westervelt, Rotary World Peace Conference 2020

22 January 2019

Dr. William Hill,  Woodrow Wilson Center.


15 January 2019

Dan Sockle, Better Angels

8 January 2019

Scott Paul, Oxfam – A report on the crisis in Yemen

18 December 2018

Susan Madden, Yosemite Peace Symposium




11 December 2018

Marie Bosch, One Health Initiative




December 4, 2018

Cory Amante, Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail








27 November 2018

Karen Volker, Cure Violence





20 November 2018

Christine Stevens, Upbeat Drum Circles





13 November 2018

Fred Arment, International Cities of Peace





6 November 2018

Dennis Thompson, Climate Dividends






30 October 2018

Club Project Discussion






23 October 2018

Dr Dennis Wickham, Past District Governor D5100, Polio Eradication steps and progress






16 October 2018

David Combs, Union of Concerned Scientists






9 October 2018

David Swanson, The Abolition of War






2 October 2018

Greg Baird






25 September 2018

Mary Helen Tuttle and Elizabeth Gibbs, PRYDE Camp







18 September 2018

Dr. David Krieger, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation






11 September 2018

Ricardo Loretta, District Governor






4 September 2018

Lynn Kitchen, Producer







28 August 2018

Dr. Bernie Siegel, Surgeon, Holistic Physician, Author






21 August 2018

Julia Roig






14 August 2018

Sanford Hinden







7 August 2018

Dr. Princess Jennifer Lee, Human Trafficking in Nigeria






31 July 2018

Ryan Deitsch and Matt Post, March for Our Lives






24 July 2018

RIPP Bill Boyd, Q&A on Peace and Peace Centers






17 July 2018

Teresa Frisbie, Mediation






10 July 2018

Club Assembly and discussion of goals for 2018-19






19 June 2018

Yvonne St. John-Dutra, Challenge Day






12 June 2018

Joan Blades, Living Room Conversations





6 June 2018

Lynne McTaggart, The Power of Eight






5 June 2018

Janessa Gans Wilder, Euphrates Institute






29 May 2018

Brian David Johnson, Threatcasting – Futurism






22 May 2018

Dr. Mao Shing Ni, Secrets of Longevity







15 May 2018

Chris Whatley, Executive Director United Nations Association of the United States






8 May 2018

Rotary International President, Ian Riseley







1 May 2018

Debbie Cregan, Youth for Human Rights







24 April 2018

Adam Olson, Oxfam







17 April  2018

David  Wick, Ashland City of Peace






10 April 2018

Lucy Roberts

Childhood Trauma. Family Hui to share and teach parenting skills.







3 April 2018

Dot Maver







27 March 2018

Vancouver and Beirut Rotary Conference presentations and member discussions.







20 March 2018

John Viscount, Author, film maker – Admissions






13 March 2018

Steven Solomon, Sr. Annual Giving Officer for Zone 25-26, The Rotary Foundation






6 March 2018

Michelle Breslauer, Institute for Economics and Peace







27 February 2018

Ron Medved & Gregg Cochlan, Pacific Institute






20 February 2018

Lacey Stone, UNICEF-USA






13 February 2018

Barbara Gaughen-Muller and Mark Fowler







6 February  2018

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Conscious Evolution….Homo Universalis






30 January 2018

Phil Yeh






23 January 2018

Paul K Chappell









16 January 2018

Elisabet Sahtouris







9 January 2018

Douglas Gillies






2 January 2018 – Happy New Year

Rinaldo Brutoco – Homo Universalis – Caring for the planet and all of it’s citizens






19 December 2017

Members Sharing


12 December 2017

Harry  Anastasiou

Cyprus Peace Education Project







5 December 2017

Laurie Marshall






Laurie Marshall has been on the cutting edge of peace building through art for 35 years. She’s worked in underserved urban and rural areas, teaching collaborative skills and making large visions of success in youth-led projects. A certified K-12 art and social studies teacher, she is a lead artist with Create Peace Project, http://www.CreatePeaceProject.org and a teacher trainer. http://www.laurie-marshall.com. She also empowers youth around the country to transform mistreatment and bullying with Community Matters, a nationally recognized evidence-based program. http://www.community-matters.org She believes that creativity and community are unstoppable, founding the Singing Tree Project. This collaborative mural project draws inspiration from the mutualism of trees and the importance of every voice to solve the enormous problems we’re facing. http://www.unitythroughcreativity.net/programs/singing-tree-forest/
Sarajevo Singing Tree: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6nSK2TU9bA&t=2s
Student-Made Redwood Singing Tree of Diversity:
Create Peace Project Mural in San Francisco:
Student-Made Video on the Water Willow Singing Tree

28 November 2017

Rotary updates and review of Areas of Focus, Avenues of Service and more.

21 November  2017

DG Massey







14 November 2017

Rev. Deborah Moldow







7 November 2017

Shabnam Fasa, Santa Monica Youth Orchestra








31 October 2017

Salvador Rico, Rotarian

Anti-human trafficking and river clean up






24 October 2017

Past Rotary International President, Cliff Dochterman







17 October 2017

Ted Adams, Peace Corps



















10 October 2017

Paula Fellingham
















3 October 2017
Heidi Kuhn, Roots for Peace
















26 September 2017
Kim Weichel
















19 September 2017
Bill McCarthy, Unity Foundation, http://www.peacechannel.com

















12 September 2017
Blair Howard – Polio Eradication

















5 September 2017
Jim Marggraff, Director of Product Management at Google

















29 August 2017
Dr. Dennis Spurgin, Project Peanut Butter

















22 August 2017
Miriam Barth, Rotary D5420 Youth Services Chair

















August 15, 2017
Paulette Stevens

















August 8, 2017
Susan DiCicco, Peace Crane Project
















August 1, 2017
Dave McCleary, Rotarian Action Group Against Slavery
Dave McCleary
















July 25, 2017
Seanne N Murray
Ready to make a statement against gun violence. Join Seanne in Los Angeles on August 19 for Stop Stuff Stand Down.  Let us unite for peace in our cities across America.

















July 18, 2017
Michelle Lightworker

































July 11, 2017
Rotary International, District and Club Goal Setting

















June 27, 2017
Sarah Cowley, Peace Institute Graduate

















June 20, 2017
Marsha Hunt and Bob Smith – Uganda Initiative

















June 13, 2017
Live from Atlanta, Georgia a recap of the Rotary International Pre-Convention Peace Conference and Rotary International Convention

















June 6, 2017
Barry Simon
Barry in DC June 2016.jpg-large

















May 30, 2017
Jeanine Just

















May 23, 2017
Rudy Westervelt reviews Rotary Areas of Focus, Avenues of Service and more

















May 16, 2017
Dr. Karl Hutterer, Climate Change

















May 9, 2017
Martin and Dorothie Hellman
















May 2, 2017
Dot Maver

















April 25, 2017
Arthur Kanegis

















April 18, 2017
Rudy Westervelt – Rotary opportunities

















April 11, 2017
Mitchell Rabin
















April 4, 2017
Leona Evans and Matthew Evans, Evolutionary Peace Maker’

















March 28, 2017
Noal McDonald, Revolutionary Conversations

















March 21, 2017
Rabbi Michael Cohen, The Arava Institute
















March 14, 2017
Steve Farrell, Kristen Vesa, Steve Melville – Humanity’s Team
March 7, 2017
Helen Reisler, 2001-02 President of the Rotary Club of New York
How Rotary Saved the Day after 9-11

















February 28, 2017
Michael Gallo

















February 21, 2017
Rudy Westervelt and Emmanuel Itier

















February 14, 2017
Harold Becker, The LOVE Foundation, a perfect message for Valentine’s Day.
















February 7, 2017
Rick Ulfik
















January 31, 2017
Darren Virassammy
January 24, 2017
Philip Hellmich, The Shift Network

















January 17, 2017
Dr. Ervin Laszlo
















January 10, 2017
Rita Marie Johnson

















January 3, 2017
Al Jubitz, Rotarian Action Group for Peace

















December 20, 2016 Parker Emerson, Shelter Box Ambassador
















 December 13, 2016  Rudy Westervelt speaks about his recent trip to Haiti.

















December 6, 2016 District Governor Bob Duistermars gives us Imagination!
















Image result for bob duistermars
November 29, 2016 Debbie Cregan on Youth for Human Rights

Youth For Human Rights  by the Youth Coordinator or the Director of the Program

Debbie Cregan of Santa Barbara, CA is the Program Coordinator for Youth For Human Rights International in the Santa Barbara and Ventura area.   Long involved in local non-profit work, Debbie became coordinator for Youth For Human Rights since 2013 and now organizes volunteers to bring human rights education to children in this area and beyond.  Recently appointed to the Board of the United Nations Association Santa Barbara chapter, Debbie has worked to increase awareness of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights with a presentation of the award-winning film “The Story of Human Rights,” shown on UN International Day of Peace.  Debbie also serves as Director of Community Affairs for the Church of Scientology of Santa Barbara.


















November 22, 2016
Mark Fowler speaks:

















November 15, 2016

Barbara Gaughen-Muller speaks:

barbara g m

This week let’s welcome our Rotarian sister and co-founder of the E-club of World Peace: Barbara Gaughen-Muller
































November 8. 2016
Arthur Kanegis

Writer/Producer ARTHUR KANEGIS is President and founder of One Films, LLC, a motion picture development and production company dedicated to producing uplifting entertainment that makes a difference. He also founded Future WAVE, a non-profit organization that aims to shift our culture of violence to a culture of peace. He owns all rights to Garry Davis story. Just One! is a labor of love for Kanegis, who has spent seven years researching and developing the Garry Davis Story, including taping extensive interviews in France, Germany and the US not only with Garry, but also with Esther Peter-Davis, Ginia Davis and others who shared in the adventures.His production/writing credits include:

  • War Without Winners, narrated by Paul Newman, 1st place, American Film Festival. It was the #1 selling film distributed by Films Inc.
  • Legend of the Bullyproof Shields. A Moondance Film Festival stageplay finalist.
  • The Weapons Bazaar, a documentary on arms sales that inspired the Chevy Chase movie, “The Deal of the Century”
  • The Automated Airwar became a key organizing tool employed by over 1500 activists to help stop the Vietnam war.
  • The Post War War shown widely the campaign to cut funding for the Vietnamized war.
  • OOOPS! An Actors Choice Award screenplay winner. Coverage by Sundance Institute said, “OOOPS! is an exhilarating ride — brimming with life, joy, fear, change, hope, and dreams…It’s an absolutely beautiful story with a well-researched concept that works. Any way you look at it, this one is very special, clearly destined to make a difference.”
  • ASTROCOPS: Peace Engineers of the future.
  • “One! The Garry Davis Story” Moondance award winning screenplay.arthur-kanegis

November 1, 2016 our on-line meeting speaker was Douglas Gillies. Please visit http://www.douglasgillies.com and enjoy his documentary on the state of our planet “On the Edge”



October 25, 2016 on line meeting with Steve Goldsmith, Rotarian, Mediators Beyond Borders
















October 18,2016 on line meeting with Brigitte Perreault, Perreault Magazine, Activist
















October 11, 2016 on line meeting with Rudy Westervelt, Immediate Past District Governor of Rotary District 5330. CEO of Power in Learning, a company that helps companies and individuals achieve success.
















October 4, 2016 on line meeting with Stephen Dinan, CEO of the Shift Network. If you open your mind could you connect with someone of opposite beliefs?  That is where we gain the synergy needed for major success.


September 27, 2016 on line with Charles Allen, Peace Fellow, Member of Victoria Police

September 20, 2016 on line with Toan Lam, CEO Go Inspire Go, Rotarian, Inspirational Speaker
















September 13, 2016 On line meeting with Marilyn Tam. Rotarian, Humanitarian, CEO

Choose Happiness!

Put Actions Behind Solutions to Create Peace in the World!
















September 6, 2016 On Line meeting with Nyron McLean, Rotarian, Humanitarian, CEO of H3Missions.  What is happening in Haiti since the earthquake and what has Rotary done and what is left to do?
















August 30, 2016 On line meeting with Opal Singleton, CEO of Million Kids. Opal is a leading expert in the war against human trafficking.
















August 23, 2016 On Line Meeting with Joyce Wycoff. explains Gratitude Miracles Journal.

Gratitude Miracles … the 5-minute journal that could change everything!
by Joyce Wycoff
5 minutes a day to greater happiness, better relationships and a more fulfilling life. Too good to be true?
Not according to recent research that proves that keeping a gratitude journal turns out to be a key to better health and fitness, as well as reducing stress and coping with the ups and downs of everyday life. The Gratitude Miracles journal incorporates the latest research on how to best practice gratitude into a simple, 5-minutes-a-day journal that’s fun, fast and effective. Try it and watch miracles appear in your life. (Not the walk-on-water kind … more of the delightful-surprises-that-make-you-smile-and-say-Wow! type.)
















August 16, 2016 On Line Meeting with Sean Chumbley. He is a teacher at Chula Vista Elementary School District  and with his wife, Shelley, a founder of Interactions for  Peace. Sean is the Director of Training and developed the Restorative Practices component. He presented this component at the International Restorative Practice Conference in England. He created and implemented a three day conference in San Diego, Developing a Restorative Mind Set.
















August 9, 2016 On Line Meeting with Douglas E Noll, JD,MA. Doug presents his work and tonight’s topic is “What Murderers Teach Peacemakers”. Doug is a mediator, problem solver, author, speaker and teacher. He is called to solve tough, intractable and complex problems. Doug is nationally and internationally recognized as a mediator and peacemaker, and was honored as California Attorney of the year in 2012.
















August 2, 2016 On line meeting with Rotarian Sig Wathne. Sig survived many things in his life, including the Nazi occupation of Norway.  He has an interesting story on making a radio on a toilet paper roll to hear what was happening outside of Norway during the war.
















July 26, 2016 On Line Meeting with Dr Henry Oster, Holocaust Survivor leads a discussion on how to avoid the repeat of events from WWII.  He has dedicated his life to informing others, lest we forget. See Henry at the Museum of Tolerance.
















July 19, 2016 On Line Meeting with Mark Fowler – Creating Peace in the Workplace (Converting Drama and Discontent to Energy, Accomplishment and Satisfaction)

Mark is President of Stowe Management Corporation, Co-CEO of Revolutionary Conversations,LLC   http://www.revolutionaryconversations.net/
















July 12, 2016 On Line Meeting with Barbara Gaughen-Muller, President of the Santa Barbara Chapter of the UNA-USA and Co-CEO of Revolutionary Conversations.
















July 5, 2016
















June 28, 2016 – On-line Meeting
































June 21, 2016 – First Meeting

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