The Rotary Four Way Test is used by Rotarians to evaluate actions and responses to actions.  In relation to peace, please review the additional tests below. Could we use the Four Way Test to create peacemakers and peace in our lives, our communities and the world?



Rotary Acronyms

Rotary Acronyms

  • AG         Assistant Governor
  • CHIPs     Children’s Health International Projects
  • COL        Council on Legislation
  • COG       Community Opportunity Grant (Ends June 30, 2013)
  • D5330, D-5330     Rotary District 5330
  • DG         District Governor
  • DGE       District Governor-Elect  (1 yr out)
  • DGN       District Governor-Nominee (2 yrs out)
  • DGND    District Governor-Nominee-Designate (only for a few
    months until July 1 of next Rotary year)
  • DT          District Trainer
  • GETS      Governor-Elect Training Seminar
  • GNATS   Governor- Nominee Advanced Training Seminar
  • GSE        Group Study Exchange  (Ends June 30, 2013)
  • IPDG      Immediate Past District Governor
  • IPP         Immediate Past President (club)
  • MOP      RI Manual of Procedure
  • MG        Matching Grants
  • NID        National Immunization Day (Polio)
  • PDG       Past District Governor
  • PE          President-Elect (club)
  • PETS      Presidents-Elect Training Seminar
  • PN          President-Nominee (club)
  • PP          Past President (club)
  • PRYDE   Personal Rotary Youth Development Experience
    (D5330 Leadership Camp for 7th graders)
  • RC          Rotary Club
  • RI           Rotary International
  • RIP         Rotary International President
  • RIPE       Rotary International President-Elect
  • RLI          Rotary Leadership Institute
  • Rtn          Rotarian
  • RYLA      Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
    (Leadership Camp for 11th graders)
  • SAR        Semi-Annual Report (RI Membership Dues Bill)
  • SCANEX    So Cal  AZ NV Rotary Youth Exchange
  • SIG         Special Invited Guest (at Zone Institute)
  • VTT        Vocational Training Team (Replaces GSE July 1, 2012)
  • YE          Youth Exchange
  • YEO        Youth Exchange Officer
  • YIRS       Yours in Rotary Service
  • YPO        Youth Protection Officer

The Rotary Foundation Acronyms:

  • AKS        Arch C. Klumph Society
  • APF        Annual Programs Fund
  • DDA       District Donor Advisor
  • DDF        District Designated Funds
  • DGGC      District Global Grants Chair
  • DGSC       District Grants Subcommittee Chair
  • DRFC      District Rotary Foundation Committee
  • EREY      Every Rotarian, Every Year
  • FV          Future Vision
  • HGOC     Humanitarian Grants Oversight Committee
    (ends June 30, 2013)
  • MCR        Monthly Contribution Report
  • MPHF     Multiple Paul Harris Fellow
  • PF           Permanent Fund
  • PHF        Paul Harris Fellow
  • PHS        Paul Harris Society
  • RFCC      Rotary Foundation Committee Chair (D5330)
  • RFSM     Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member
  • RRFC      Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator (zone)
  • SHARE   TRF Distribution of DDF  to the District
  • TRF        The Rotary Foundation



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The Presidential Theme for the 2021-22 Rotary Year


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