Avenues of Service with Interest Groups

Rotary Foundation: Julie Boswell & Asha Asokan

Membership: Mary Jo Larson & M.D. Kinoti

a. Membership Enhancement Team – Dee Boswell

Community Service: Josiah Bruny

a. Police2Peace as Public Health Issue – Lisa Broderick

International Service: Chantelle Vo & Michael Corbin

a. Russian Rotary Clubs Relations for Peace – Sharon Tennison & Anya Kroth

b. Rotary/Peace Corps – Mark Zober

Vocational Service: Jack Friedlander

Youth Service: Terry Felix & Karyn Westervelt

a. Education as a peacebuilder – Warren Banks

b. Positive Peace Academy (IEP) – Vana Prewitt

c. Peace Advocacy Project – Catherine R. Bonifant

d. Youth led online forum – JonDarr Bradshaw

Peacebuilding Club Networks: Catherine R. Bonifant

a. International Cities of Peace – Brian Berman, Fred Arment, & Dennis Wong

b. Cities4Peace – Mandar Apte

c. Education as peacebuilder – Warren Banks

d. US Department of Peacebuilding support team – Jack Friedlander

Social Justice & DEI: Dennis Wong

Olympian Thinking: Marilyn King & Ann Lordeman

Healing Arts: Tami Briggs

a. Rotarians Meditating for World Peace – Tami Briggs

b. Peace Through Music – Tami Briggs

c. Art for Peace- Brian Berman

d. Peacebuilding Through Art – Laurie Marshall

EClub Members’ Speakers Bureau: Dee Boswell

SIMCenter Peace Rooms: Peter Meisen

Environment & ESRAG: Andrea Shields & Tim Leadingham

Making Films to Envision Our Future: Arthur Kanegis & Emmanuel Itier

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