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A Tale of Two Star Sisters and Pathways To Peace 

A deep friendship/sisterhood spawned the not-for-profit organization Pathways To Peace in the early eighties. The story is one of our long-term commitment to creating peace in our own lives and in our communities, organizations, and the wider world. Over the four decades of Pathways’ existence our work has spanned continents and many types of Peacebuilding. It has touched thousands of people around the planet in ways that build more peaceful lives and co-creative service. And our work in connecting people and organizations and in expanding the International Day of Peace (IDP) has left an ongoing legacy with which we are most happy. This book is a compendium of many of the steps we followed and hearts we have touched (and have touched us!) along the way, and some of the magic that has accompanied our travels as loving sister/friends.



birds without wings


happiness choice by m tam

kindness of the hangman

20160722_100941_resized Mark Fowler leads class using Revolutionary Conversations S.H.A.R.E


Enjoy Sig’s new book – entitled simply “Sig”


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An award-winning memoir, SIG is not just a story about surviving. It is a story about positively thriving by patiently trusting in tho sword’s possibilities and then working toward one’s dreams with damn-the-torpedoes determination unit you have made them come true. In the pages of SIG, Sig Wathne shares his true story filled with family love and devotion, forged-steel inner resolve, and a lifetime’s heart-stirring victories over adversities big and small. * Named Sig Junior after his father, a soccer Olympian, able to master anything mechanical… * Hours of childhood afternoons spent exploring a Southern California junkyard, studying the mysteries bones and innards of old cars and trucks… * An ocean voyage that nearly cost his life…. Childhood emigration to the European homeland of his parents… * Risking his life against brutal Nazi occupation forces… * Endless days consigned with little hope to a hospital bed by a relentless, crippling malady: osteomyelitis…

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On the Edge--A Wake-up Call

The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum