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happiness choice by m tam

kindness of the hangman

20160722_100941_resized Mark Fowler leads class using Revolutionary Conversations S.H.A.R.E


Enjoy Sig’s new book – entitled simply “Sig”


A few words from –

An award-winning memoir, SIG is not just a story about surviving. It is a story about positively thriving by patiently trusting in tho sword’s possibilities and then working toward one’s dreams with damn-the-torpedoes determination unit you have made them come true. In the pages of SIG, Sig Wathne shares his true story filled with family love and devotion, forged-steel inner resolve, and a lifetime’s heart-stirring victories over adversities big and small. * Named Sig Junior after his father, a soccer Olympian, able to master anything mechanical… * Hours of childhood afternoons spent exploring a Southern California junkyard, studying the mysteries bones and innards of old cars and trucks… * An ocean voyage that nearly cost his life…. Childhood emigration to the European homeland of his parents… * Risking his life against brutal Nazi occupation forces… * Endless days consigned with little hope to a hospital bed by a relentless, crippling malady: osteomyelitis…

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On the Edge--A Wake-up Call

The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum

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