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Rotary District Governor 2019-20 – Melanie Rice

Melanie Rice was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, graduated with a Masters from CSUF, taught high school English at Sunny Hills High School, was an Assistant Principal at Rubidoux High School and Principal at Rialto Junior High School. Looking
for a different challenge, Melanie opened a State Farm Insurance Agency in 1985 with the help of two licensed employees; she now manages her agency and Rotary responsibilities.
Melanie was invited to join Norco Rotary in 2002, and she served as President in 2005-2006. “Service Above Self” was the International Theme that year and it was plastered around the PETS classroom the year she did her President’s training. “Each time I walked
into that room my heart felt joy, elation and purpose.” Melanie also served as a RYLA DGL in 2004-2005.
“A sense of joy comes over me just being in Rotary. I was blessed to have someone care enough to invite me to a meeting. There has been purpose in my life these last 15 years. I have been able to help others, given them hope and letting them know others care. There have been many new friendships, places to visit and blessed experiences. I have collected jeans for those in need, helped a single mother and five children, fundraised to support community projects, distributed dictionaries, read scholarship es- says, inaugurated two Interact Clubs, chaired District Events, held staf positions and attended most Rotary events. My passion is to help at risk youth throughout our District.”

“As important as Service is, the Rotary 4 Way Test is the moral creed I practice daily. What would our world be like if everyone believed in and practiced those four principles? Chairing the Rotary 4 Way Test Speech Contest has not only introduced me to the brightest students in the Inland Empire, but also introduced me to the dynamic Rotarians who accompany them to the contest. Every year our candidates present challenging and new topics to be judged by members of the Community. How lucky am I as a Rotarian to work with young people, help my community and support Rotary pro-
jects around the World!”






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