Weekly Meeting Speakers

Lisa Broderick, President of the E Club invites you to join her on line Tuesday evening at 6:30pm Pacific time.
We will be using Zoom meeting to connect.
For non-members and visitors interested in joining a meeting, please email (at least 24 hours in advance) contact@rotaryeclubofworldpeace.org to receive the meeting link.

Agenda for On Line Meeting 2022

6:30 PM PDT

  1. Welcome from President Lisa Broderick and call to order
  2. Roll call and Introductions
  3. Current Announcements and News
  4. Program
  5. Comments and Questions

30 May 2023

Fireside Chat/Club Assembly

6 June 2023

Rotary International Peace Conference in Birmingham, Alabama

Carolyn and Will Ratliff, convenors and Fergal McCarthy, Ray Naylor, Terry Felix, Scott Martin, Karyn and Rudy Westervelt will share program, highlights and learnings.

13 June 2023

Mayor of Ashland, Oregon and GEOS Institute

Concerns about the environment were not top of mind when she left her small town for Occidental College. While chronic seasickness put an end to her dream of being a marine biologist, her time in Los Angeles forced her to confront the ecological impacts of how people were living on the land.

She changed her major to Biophysical Environmental Studies and transferred to Northland College in Wisconsin. After Northland, it was on to Vermont to complete a Masters in Community Development at Goddard College.

She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Geos Institute where much of her work focuses on helping communities build climate resilience.

This work has taught her how to engage a community to help it create integrated, holistic solutions to some of its most difficult challenges – a skill that is critically important on the City Council as Ashland works to address complex issues, such as the housing crisis, homelessness, economic disruption, and climate change.

Presentation on Environmental Sustainability Across the U.S.

20 June 2023

Fergal McCarthy, Rotary International, and Denise Bell, Welcome.US

Presentation on Welcome.US

Welcoming refugees into the U.S.A.

27 June 2023

Fireside Chat and Thank You for a great 2022-23 Rotary Year

Review of 23-24 Goals

4 July 2023

Julie Boswell launches the new Rotary year.

Report on the Rotary International Convention in Melbourne, Australia shared by JonDarr Bradshaw and Dee Boswell

11 July 2023

Maternal Health

18 July 2023

David Gershon, Peace on Earth 2030

A Moonshot for Humanity

In 1986, at the height of the Cold War, David Gershon conceived and organized the passing of a torch of peace around the world. The First Earth Run, in partnership with the United Nations, engaged a billion people through the media, 25 million people on the ground, and 45 heads-of-state in 62 countries. For 86 days wherever the torch of peace went all wars stopped and the world was united as one. 

Thousands of groups around the world, including the Rotary Club, came together in common cause to bring this torch of peace around the world. Now David is organizing an even more ambitious goal. Not a 3-month experience of Peace on Earth, but a 7-year plan to actually create Peace on Earth by 2030. Humanity’s most profound dream for itself.

In David’s talk you will learn about his plan to finish the job he started in 1986 and how Rotary Clubs around the world can once again play their part in making this happen. 

David Gershon, co-founder and CEO of Empowerment Institute has been called “the number one expert on social change.” He applies his visionary leadership and social change expertise to designing second order change solutions for cities, countries and the planet that enable the seemingly impossible to become possible. Over the past four decades the initiatives he’s designed have won many awards and achieved much recognition.

David is author of twelve books, including the award-winning Social Change 2.0: A Blueprint for Reinventing Our World and the best-selling Empowerment: The Art of Creating Your Life as You Want It. He directs Empowerment Institute’s Center for Reinventing the Planet which empowers change agents from around the world to design and implement second order change social innovations. He has lectured at Harvard, MIT, and Johns Hopkins and served as an advisor to the White House and the United Nations on empowerment and second order change.

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