Club and Member Projects

Rotary Global Grants:

Global Grant #2095416

Dolly Welayet Rotary Hospital

Dolly Welayet Rotary Hospital to treat underprivileged people of 56 villages of Nabinagar, Baura, Patgram, Lalmonirhat, The hospital was inaugurated in 2019. Few dedicated Rotarians, Rotaractors & Local Authority , who are always involved with this hospital will monitor & evaluate.

District 3281, Rotary Club of Dhaka Rose Vale is the Host of this Grant.  Our club is the International partner.

Global Grant #2015074

PROTECT – PRevention Organized To Educate Children on Trafficking in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

Our area of focus is peacebuilding and conflict prevention. Our goals for the PROTECT project are:

  1. Develop a San Bernardino County Office of Education protocol
  2. Develop a Riverside County Office of Education protocol
  3. Reach 162 schools with prevention education (75 schools in Riverside County and 87 schools in San Bernardino County)
  4. Train 4,500 educators, counselors, nurses or school staff
  5. Educate 80,000 students 
  6. Receive 70% pre/post results for adults
  7. Receive 60% pre/post results for students
  8. Analyze 2,000 stories from educational staff
  9. Increase student knowledge by 20%
  10. Increase school staff knowledge by 20%
  11. Increase protective factors in students by 20%
  12. Increase behavioral change in educational staff by 20%

District 5330, Rotary Club of Hemet Sunset is the Host Club.  We have contributed to the grant.

Global Grant #2120493

Divya Jyoti Trust Equipment Up Gradation Project for Vision Center

High quality eyecare to the needy and poor.  Equipment upgrades.

District 3060, Rotary Club of Surat Roundtown is the Host club, our club is the International partner.

Josiah Bruny, Music Changing Lives has developed a weekly hunger relief program.

Peace Crane


Write 2 Read Foundation

Marilyn Tam and Master Sha

Supporting literacy and education for the Indigenous Nations in Canada.

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