Message from Our President

Julie Boswell

Welcome to our Rotary  E-Club of World Peace, where we enjoy weekly speakers on timey topics, have open  discussions, and active members creating peace in their lives and communities.

You have undoubtedly heard many “Rotary” terms in your time as a member of a Rotary club or a member of Rotaract. Rotary International, Rotary New Year, Rotary exchange student, for example.   Three of my absolute favorites are Rotary happy, Rotary dreams, and the power of Rotary.

Rotary Happy

Rotary happy, coined by Jenny Stotts, Assistant Rotary Coordinator, Zone 30, expresses the joy she feels from being in Rotary—laughing over coffee at her Rotary club meetings, planting trees in a Rotary watershed project, or being part of an international project through Rotary.  I am Rotary happy a lot.  I hope you are too.  I hope we can all create more of that “Rotary happy” that comes with being part of the Rotary family and that we spread it around like butter.

The Power of Rotary

The power of Rotary is something special that comes from the connections and the connectedness of the people of Rotary—whether in Rotary or Rotaract.  Rotary International President Jennifer Jones recently explained it like this:

When the right connections are made, the world aligns and our stories merge. Our differences dissolve, and the only limit to our impact is the barrier of our imagination.”

You can witness the power of Rotary in so many ways:

in the face of the child whom former RI President Mark Maloney held in his arms in VietNam only hours after lifesaving surgery which was provided through the work of Rotary;

in the moment when PDG Rudy Westervelt was able to pick up the phone to talk to a former PDG from his class to find out how our club could best help after a series of earthquakes;

in the peace conference held in District 5330 that led to the Rotary EClub of World Peace, which has led to a peace conference in Alabama, and Peacebuilder clubs, and Cities of Peace and Peace Fellow project support;

in the Projects of Scale this very year which aims to eradicate HPV and cervical cancer from the nation of Egypt;

in the ways so many in the Rotary family have worked with our partners to keep the promise Rotary made to the children of the world to eradicate polio, raising funds for PolioPlus, speaking to clubs about this important work, participating in a National Immunization Day to immunize children, partnering with others to achieve this world changing goal.

Rotary Dreams

As a club we are working on some of our strategic goals. I like to think of them as a type of Rotary dream.  Many of us have Rotary dreams of our own—ending polio, ending war, helping youth, helping feed people in our community or in larger regions.  One of my biggest Rotary dreams is to help all of you pursue your Rotary dreams.  Most of all, I want to help us harness the power of Rotary in service of others.

So please dive into the smorgasbord of opportunities Rotary offers.  Make a new Rotary friend, attend an event, take advantage of the many opportunities Rotary offers to learn, to grow, to teach, and above all, take time to serve.  That is the way we can be Rotary happy, that is the way we can achieve some of our Rotary dreams, and that is the way we can harness the power of Rotary to work collectively to do what Rotarians love to do most—to do good in the world.

By the way, if you get a chance, here is the link to see Jenny Stotts’ excellent presentation

(15 min) Becoming “Rotary Happy” on Vimeo

Here is the link to an extraordinary piece by Rotary International President Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones: This is the power of Rotary – Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland (