Message from Our President

David Wick

Welcome to our Rotary eClub of World Peace, where we enjoy weekly speakers on timey topics, have open  discussions, and active members creating peace in their lives and communities.

I am both honored and humbled to serve as the president of the Rotary E-Club of World Peace. This is the capstone of my 41 years of peacebuilding dedication where I will bring together the networks, initiatives, inspirations, and people of my journeys to fulfill this year’s Rotary theme “Serving to Change Lives.” We are in a critical time in our lives and for local and global well-being and all of our resources are needed, now.

I find alignment with Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta as he says, “…Rotarians are defined by opportunities of service; not necessarily the size of the service – but the attitude of service. This attitude is evidenced in Rotary’s record – and we keep serving because we want to change lives.  As we serve we do not only change the lives of others, we change our life as well.” I see our engagement with the Rotary EClub of World Peace as a journey of personal learning and growth. This can lead to a time to be bold together!

The local and global challenges before us as citizens of the world and Rotarians are vast and many. We are fortunate to be part of Rotary which has the capacity to make important positive impact in these challenges around the world. Each of the members of our EClub are accomplished leaders in their own right and have exceptional experience and skills in various forms of peacebuilding. Therefore, goals for this year include:

  • Provide initiatives and projects that inspire our members to step forward and put their skills to work to Serve to Change Lives and dream big.
  • Encourage members to embrace and live the foundational values of Rotary to be true examples of peacebuilders.
  • Move forward with both tried-and-true and innovative initiatives which inspire and ensure local and global actions creating the Culture of Peace.
  • Take creative action steps to further raise the profile of the Rotary EClub of World Peace as an innovative leader of peacebuilding within Rotary.
  • Achieve the Governors Citation and the seven other awards we achieved in 2020-2021 under Past President Barbara Muller and EClub Co-founder Rudy Westervelt.
  • Attract greater diversity and young people to the EClub as we surpass 100 people as members.
  • Support discussions with EClub members and others which explore not only initiatives for change, but for opening levels of consciousness needed for the challenges of today and in the future.

Given we are all leaders, I again recall President Metha’s words, “So dream big, have a positive attitude, discuss things with others, work hard, keep your ears close to the ground but be ready to take bold decisions… That makes a good leader.”

Sincerely yours,

David Wick, President

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