Club Vision

Chartering of 

Rotary E-Club of World Peace

Sponsored by Rotary District 5330

The Rotary World Peace Conference 2016 on January 15 and 16, 2016 brought together experts and leaders with those interested in learning about solutions to major issues happening in our lives and our world today.  Solutions to the root causes of these issues were presented. Networking occurred among those in attendance. Our intent was to support those who would apply their learnings to create positive change. In an effort to maintain contact with and coordinate efforts of those intent on creating this change, the Rotary E-Club of World Peace is being chartered.

Under the Rotary umbrella and organization, which is accepted and respected worldwide, Rotary E-Club of World Peace members will be supported and provide support for those individuals and organizations working to help improve our lives and communities, locally and globally.

Rotary E Club of World Peace Declaration on Social Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We the members of Rotary E Club of World Peace will:

  • not tolerate racism or inequality.
  • promote respect, celebrate diversity, demand ethical leadership and work tirelessly to advance peace.
  • support the rights of others, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Culture of Peace and the U.N. SDGs.
  • lead by example in our Rotary Club policies, programs and actions to promote the Rotary goals for social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • be guided by our Rotary principles – The Object of Rotary, The Four-Way Test and Rotarian Code of Conduct — to improve the quality of life in our communities and in the world.

Peace and Conflict Prevention and Resolution Area of Focus

Opportunities – Solutions – Efforts

At the weekly meetings, speakers will lead presentations and discussions on the current state of affairs of conflict in our personal lives, homes, schools, workplaces and communities locally and internally. Additionally, they will share solutions to some of these major issues.  Our members will discuss how as Rotarians, they might be informed and involved in taking positive action to resolve some of these issues. 

The Rotary E Club of World Peace members are encouraged to be involved in one or more of the areas listed below:

  • Creating Peace and Eliminating Conflict in Your Life and Home
  • Creating Peace in Our Schools – Developing Safe Learning Environments
  • Protecting and Rehabilitating Your Community
  • Solving Issues Affecting Your Community – Economic Development Ingenuity
  • Respectful and Conflict Free Organizations and Businesses
  • Solutions That Work Globally
  • Peace Advocates and Practitioners at Work in the World
  • Embracing Civil Rights and Reducing Conflict in Our Communities
  • Intervention Techniques, Remembrance, and the Power of Citizens to Create Peace
  • Film, Television and Media: Their Role in Reporting and Eliminating Conflict
  • Creating Understanding and Collaboration Among the Major Religions
  • Rotarians Connecting Worldwide: Creating Relationships of Cooperation

As members of the Rotary E Club of World Peace, we will act on solutions that will create positive change in the world.

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